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Audi A7
From 80 $ days
BMW 5 E60
From 55 $ days
From 90 $ days
Mazda 6
From 55 $ days
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Chevrolet Cruze
From 25 $ days
From 30 $ days
Hyundai Solaris
From 30 $ days
From 25 $ days
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Chevrolet Aveo
From 20 $ days
Chevrolet Spark
From 22 $ days
Geely SC7
From 25 $ days
Skoda Fabia
From 20 $ days
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A cheap car hire in Minsk

An automobile is an integral part of contemporary life therefore our company has a big fleet of great cars. Economy and business class autos are always available. You are lucky to hire very good automobiles at an affordable price in Minsk with or without a driver. “Mir-Auto” offers a wide range of vehicles at reasonable prices. Pricing depends on the type of the vehicle and the length of a renting period. On the website you can find out more about facilities and make an order as it is the most suitable and the quickest way to hire an auto in Minsk without a driver. Be sure you are in safety if you use our website for ordering. It is a popular service which “Mir-Auto” organizes properly at a fair price and without delay. Our clients always get efficient and excellent service. On the website you can select a vehicle for a business meeting, a wedding day, a party or just to have a trip to see the sights.

We provide maintenance support for the whole auto fleet:

  • Engine diagnostics;
  • Inspection of the technical condition;
  • Cleaning inside and washing;
  • “Casco” insurance.

All the cars are always checked by mechanics before clients get them. If you obey traffic law and follow all the instructions, you do not need to worry that unforeseen or emergency situations may happen.

Why do people trust us?

In any situation when you need to go somewhere urgently “Mir-Auto” is ready to help you 24/7. We work on a daily basis and on holidays without days off. Choose any automobile on the site and place the order which is paid online or in cash when you get the keys. A manager gives the information to the chauffeur and the latter runs a car to your address, thus it saves your time.

The staff do their work fast, well and conscientiously. They take into account all clients’ preferences. After the first booking you become a regular customer and this means that you get discounts and special offers on the next order. Dealing with us is profitable and economical. We guarantee quality and quick service:

  • an extended fleet of different models;
  • technical support;
  • booking in advance;
  • special deals;
  • a convenient ordering on the website;
  • necessary document package.

How to hire an automobile in Minsk cheaply?

We have developed an easy-to-use reservation form so you are able to pick up a vehicle in one click.

Have a look at the catalogue to pick up a model for your event. Call the manager if you cannot decide what to choose and you have some questions to ask. Our experienced team will give you some advice free of charge. Lodge an application and prepare your driving license and your identity card. You need to pay the insurance deposit and then go to the showroom. Sometimes you cannot drive due to some reasons so an experienced chauffeur will take you where you need. In this case you pay per hour.

How to make the order?

Auto Pick up a vehicle you like. There are different kinds of autos including SUVs.

Call us using either of the following numbers:
Velcom + 375 (44) 569 53 85;

MTS + 375 (29) 552 24 43 or fill in the booking form online. Get detailed information and recommendations. We are ready to answer all your questions and help you make the best choice.

or fill in the booking form online. Get detailed information and recommendations. We are ready to answer all your questions and help you make the best choice.

Pass Take the documents: your passport and the driver’s license of category “B”.

insurance deposit Prepare the insurance deposit (50-100$ depending on the model).

delivery Collect a chosen auto yourself or use a delivery service. You can get a free delivery if you take a car for a long period.

We accept for payment:

rent a car in Minsk car rental in Minsk prices daily car rental in Minsk car rental in Minsk prices car rental in Minsk prices

Automobile hire without a driver at a low price

Use our comfortable autos as if they are yours. Go to a picnic or a summer house. Go camping. Maybe you would like to go on a business trip in a fancy car and impress your colleagues or you just want to travel in Belarus. Do whatever you want and we will help you anytime. We can organize a delivery to any address if you do not have the opportunity to come yourself. During the rental period you do not need to worry about the documents – we maintain insurance “Casco”.

Let’s work together to earn money

If you want to get extra income, we offer you favorable terms of collaboration. Maybe in your garage there is a vehicle which you do not use so it is a great chance to have a passive income. Hire it out for “Mir-Auto” and you easily get extra money.

We are ready to discuss the terms of business and make sure that your vehicle will be used carefully. It is a great deal because you earn 70% of the price. We do all the work – find clients, consult them, draw up contracts, organize the delivery, do the cleaning, do advertising and perform regular maintenance. You just make a contract with us and get your money.

Our company has been working for a few years so we have built a considerable reputation and gained clients’ trust. Businessmen, travelers, party and event organizers choose “Mir-Auto” because a good automobile helps save time and it is a great attribute of a successful life. Call us to receive precise information or come to us to see the collection and discuss the contract terms. Welcome!

* the calculation is made in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of Belarus.

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