Address: Minsk, Volodko st., 24A, office 410


Rates include 300 kilometers per day. Minimum rental period for a car without a driver is 24 hours. To rent a car clients can call Mir-Auto office or make an online request.


Rates include full maintenance of the vehicle, third party civil liability insurance, but do not include fuel expenses. Daily rates are valid for 24 hours since start of hire. If the actual rental period exceeds 24 hours by more than 3 hours, the next day counts as a full day of hire and are charged at the full daily rate.

Forms of payment

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

Payment will be charged on the day of signing the Contract, the calculation is made in Belarusian rubles.

Responsibility of a Client

The Client is fully liable for the damage to tires, wheels, underside, and also for all traffic violations committed during the use of the car.

Insurance deposit

Insurance deposit is required and depends on the rented car. Insurance deposit is paid at the time of signing the Contract and returned to the Tenant when the conditions of the contract are fulfilled, at the time of transfer of the car to the Lessor.

Required documents

The client should hold a driver’s license valid in Belarus and a passport. Driving experience must be at least 1 month.

Age restrictions

The minimum age for driving a car is 18 years.

Rent a car with a driver

Contact the office of the Mir-Auto for more information.

Additional driver

The condition of an additional driver can be included in the Contract. Driver’s license and an additional driver passport are required. The service of one additional driver is free of charge.


Client should only use A-95 petrol for refueling a car. The client should pay an additional payment for petrol if the level of petrol in car less than prescribed in the Contract. The Client is fully liable for the damage caused by the vehicle and damages resulting from the use of poor-quality gasoline or other brands of gasoline.

Departure from the territory of Belarus is prohibited.


  • In case of a loss of a technical passport the Client will be charged 200$.
  • In case of a loss of car keys will the Client will be charged 65$.

Actions to be taken in case of an accident

If the accident has occurred (damage done to the car regardless of the reason, physical or material damage to any person using the vehicle, theft of the vehicle or its parts or other actions committed against the Mir-Auto cars) the Сlient must immediately call the police (by dialing 102) and report the accident to the representative of the Mir-Auto. The client is obliged to provide to the office of Mir-Auto within 24 hours an official protocol documenting the accident composed by the police

ATTENTION!!! If the certificate is not provided, the Client will be held fully liable for the damage caused to the vehicle.